How much does the towel cost?
We are selling 1-pack for 990 INR and 2-pack for 1800 INR.

How much does the freight cost?
0 INR. It's free of charge.

How many towels do I need?
We recommend you to have at least two, so you can use one while the other one is in the washing machine etc. But it works well with one also to start with. 

Does the towel contain any chemicals?
No, it is 100% chemical free. It is 100% made of polyester, with no added products or chemicals.

How can it remove makeup without any product?
Use with warm water and the thin fibers in the towel will go into your pores and remove your makeup. You don't need to scrub or rub the towel in your face. Just place the warm towel on the area you want to clean and after 5 seconds you can gently wipe it off. Yes it is magic! Watch our IG for more tutorials, on @simplynam.beauty.

Do I need any cleanser products to use it with?
No, only warm water.

I don’t have any makeup on today, can I still use it?
Yes, it's perfect to use also for cleaning and removing dirt, dust etc. Just wet the towel with warm water and start cleaning your face.

How do I clean my towel?
Hand wash your towel with hand soap or shampoo and water after each time you have used it. If you have a washing machine we recommend that you wash it in the washing machine 1-2 times a week depending on how much you use it (do not use fabric softener).

How many times can I use my towel?
You can use it up to 1000 washes. 

How do I dry it?
We recommend that you to air-dry it. We have designed our towel with a hook so that you can hang it to dry!

Is it only for women?
Absolutely not! The towel is genderless and can be used by women and men both - you can use it for makeup removal, but also to remove skincare products, such as moisturisers, masques, peels, or just as an add on to your regular morning and evening face wash routine.

I have a big problem with acne, rosacea, or any other skin condition. My skin is extremely sensitive. Can I use it still?
Of course you can - in fact, drop everything else you're using, because this would be the perfect product for you. Zero chemicals, no added product, and the extreme softness of the microfibres makes it the ideal option for sensitive, irritation prone skin. 

How often should I clean it?
We recommend that you rub some hand soap on it every time you have used it. You can wash your towel in the washing machine once a week or however you see fit, but its not a requirement to have a washing machine, and hand soap or regular shampoo also works perfectly fine. As far as hand soap goes, regular Dettol soap or any other liquid soap all works well.

Can I clean my brushes and sponges with it?

Yes! Wet your towel in hot water (hot water is better for this type of cleaning of makeup tools). Circle your brush or rub your sponge on your towel, and let the towel gently cleanse your tools free from residue cosmetics particles. For extra stubborn product or very dirty brushes and sponges, use a brush cleaning liquid or a baby shampoo type product, and gently sweep your brush back and forth on the towel.

Can I use regular tap water?

Yes, absolutely!

I live outside India. Can you ship it to me abroad?

Unfortunately we currently do not offer shipping outside India. We will, in the future, though! Sign up on our website to subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we launch in your country. And in the meantime, we recommend that you order it to an address in India. Perhaps your friend or family member can send it to you from there?

How is it different from a regular towel?

A microfibre towel contains millions of fibres, finer than human hair. When in contact with warm water, the fibres lift dirt and product off your skin and lashes. In the case of Simply Nam, we have also ensured that our fibres are longer than most microfibre towels - making it extremely soft and gentle on your skin.

Do you gift wrap?

We currently do not gift wrap, but we have specially designed cards with a greeting from our founder and team. If you want to send something to a loved one, just leave a comment with your order and we will be sure to send a small note along with it.