The Simply Nam Makeup Remover Towel


Makeup Remover Towel One-Pack

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Simply Nam by Namrata Soni

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Must have!!!!!

It’s a really great product very soft on skin....even you can wash your brushes on that...eyes area is very tricky with cotton but this product is really good n tons of my cotton pads are safe Thankfully one time investment long way to go 😊

Tanu Ahuja

Simply Awesome!

I love how it is hygienic, fuss free and environmentally friendly!

Rosenyn Kapur

Removing makeup couldn't get any easier. I absolutely love this product. It's one of the best wipes out there. You don't haybe to invest in expensive makeup removers anymore, this does the job so easily. It feels great on the skin and removes all the rigid makeup in one swipe. It's become a part of my end of the day routine ❤️❤️

Nisha Karna

Five stars!

Perfection to the core! A product to be possessed by everyone and carried in their essentials kit everywhere, so so happy with this!

Anu Jain

I didn't know how badly I needed this until I got my hands on it.. I know there are other brands that do this product too but there is also something special with this. Its so soft, and the sustainability is there from product to packaging. Most other brands use plastic packaging, but Simply Nam is all paper.

Neha Sharma

If Simply Nam was a person...

...she would be someone who works a lot and loves what she does - because she's great at it. She's confident and fun, loves to step out to social events and hang with friends - wherever she goes, she has an energy about her that makes people want to be around her. She is honest, genuine and real - you can laugh and cry with her. She is a woman who lifts other women. She is generous and spontaneous, but also edgy. She is kind and inviting. She is the kind of friend one can not see for years, but when you meet again, its like you were never apart. She is a total genius, but also totally crazy. Inspiring, to say the least."