How To Do Smokey Eyes: 5 Ways To Get Smokey Eyes With Makeup

How To Do Smokey Eyes: 5 Ways To Get Smokey Eyes With Makeup

Sultry, dramatic, bold, and undoubtedly beautiful — yes, we’re talking about the smokey eye makeup. From red carpets to runways to special occasions, a gorgeous smokey eye makeup look never goes unnoticed. Although, as simple as it may seem, it takes practice to create the perfect smokey eye look that won’t leave you with raccoon eyes. So now the question is: How to do smokey eyes? Here’s a quick and easy smokey eye tutorial from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Namrata Soni. 

Step 1: 

First, take your blending brush and take a little bit of the cream eyeshadow from the Simply Nam Illuminating Powder and Cream Eyeshadow onto the brush. Remove the excess product. 

Step 2: 

Always start at the outermost corner. Pull your eyes down and start depositing the colour on your lids. Slightly lift your eyebrows to get the crease area. Remember to really blend it well because you don’t want an uneven black line on your lids. 

Step 3: 

Now go in with the powder eyeshadow to set it in, and also to add a little bit of glam quotient to it! Now again, pull down your eyes and start at the outer corner and pat the powder eyeshadow onto your lids. Gently tap it over the eyes where you’ve used the cream eyeshadow. 

Step 4: 

Next, go in with the Simply Nam The Ultimate Kajal and apply it underneath the bottom of the waterline. To make your eyes look longer, apply the kajal only on three-fourth of your waterline, and then go in with a cotton bud to smudge the edges out. 

Step 5: 

Apply your kajal to the top of your eyes as well, close to the lashline. Then take your brush and blend it out to soften the edges. This really helps give that beautiful smokey look that we love! 

And that’s about it on how to do smokey eyes! 5 steps is all you need to get the perfect smokey eye makeup look for any occasion. Click here to see the full video of how to do smokey eyes the Namrata Soni way. 

In this easy smokey eye tutorial, she has used the Simply Nam Illuminating Cream & Powder Eyeshadow in the shade Once Upon A Night. This is the best eyeshadow for smokey eye because it has both a beautiful cream and powder options in one, with tiny glitter particles for the ultimate glam look. The second smokey eye makeup product she has used is the Simply Nam The Ultimate Kajal in the shade Ink Black. 

Now that you know how to do smokey eyes, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you try your hands at it. 

  • Prep Your Lids: Just like for your base makeup, before you go in with your smokey eye makeup, use an eye primer to keep your look intact for longer hours, and get the most out of it. You can also use a concealer to create an even-toned base for your smokey eye look. 
  • Blend It Like A Pro: Blending is your bestfriend when it comes to getting the perfect smokey eye look. This Simply Nam Eyebrush Duo are the perfect smokey eye makeup brushes to help you get that perfect look, minus any creasing. These smokey eye makeup brushes will help you blend out any harsh lines and give you that gorgeous blurry, smokey effect you want! 
  • Closer To The Lashes: When creating this look, ensure that your eye makeup is darkest near the lash line, this helps draw more attention to the eyes making them look more defined. Even when you’re blending out your lower lash line, make sure to stick close to your lash line otherwise it could get smudged and ruin the rest of your makeup. 
  • Keep It Simple: Stick to only 2 or 3 eyeshadow colours when creating a smokey eye makeup look. The more colours you add the more complicated it could get. So stick to lesser colours and one eye liner or kajal, preferably black, to create the perfect look. 
  • For The Beginners: If you’re new to this eye makeup look and makeup in general, the simplest way to create an easy smokey eye in 5 minutes is using your kajal. It’s simple and gets the job done without having to pick and choose between colours. And this will go well with any and every look. To create an easy smokey eye in 5 minutes, all you need to do is line your lash line and waterline with kajal and just smudge them out lightly using a pencil brush. The Simply Nam The Ultimate Kajal is the ideal smokey eye makeup product you need to pull this off because it comes with a built in smudger, which makes blending out your kajal so much easier. 

Now that you’ve got the technique and tips on how to do smokey eyes down to the T, here’s 5 ways to create a smokey eye makeup look that is sure to make heads turn! 

  • The Classic Black Smokey Eye

To create a black smokey eye look, first apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow to your lids, then apply your eyeliner close to the upper lash line and blend out the harsh lines. Follow that up with a dark shade of eyeshadow to blend with the eye liner. To add more drama to this look, throw in some glitter! It’s the perfect smokey eye for night outs with your gal pals! 

  • The Neutral Brown Smokey Eye 

Another classic, a brown smokey eye is perfect for the girls who don’t want to go all out, but can’t resist a good smokey eye look once in a while. To create this almost natural smokey eye look, go in with a light brown shade on the lids and follow it up with a darker shade of brown on the outer corners of the eyes. Add some shimmer to brighten it up for a special occasion. 

  • The Dramatic Blue Smokey Eye 

This dramatic smokey eye look is sure to make heads turn wherever you go (and for all the right reasons!) To create this one, use a blend of a shimmery blue eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes, and blend it outwards with a darker, navy blue shade. Do this for both your lids and your lower lash line. 

  • The Colourful Smokey Eye 

A colourful smokey eye looks drop-dead-gorgeous, only when done correctly, or else it could look like a bad mix of colours on your lids. The first step to getting it right is picking colours that match your outfit and most importantly, complement each other well. Pick a mix of a shimmer dark shade and blend it with a matte neutral shade to get the perfect smokey eye makeup look. 

  • The Smokey Eye With Glitter

Girls love glitter; it’s a fact! To get the perfect smokey eye with glitter you need to start off with a neutral shade as the base, then go in with a brighter colour of your choice (preferably one that matches your outfit), and follow it up with a glittery shade of the same colour. Although don’t go overboard with the glitter as that may draw too much attention away from the rest of your face. 

Now all that’s left to do is to try your hands at getting the perfect smokey eye makeup look for your next special occasion! 

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