How To Prevent Eyeliner Smudging: 10 Best Tips For Smear-Free Makeup

How To Prevent Eyeliner Smudging: 10 Best Tips For Smear-Free Makeup

Let’s face it, eyeliner can make or break your look; when applied perfectly, your eyeliner can elevate your look, and how! But getting the perfect cat-eye, winged eyeliner, or double-liner look is a task that sometimes involves a lot of mess. Getting your eyeliner on right in one go is a feat that seems unachievable without a little bit of smudging and smearing. But we have some fool-proof ways to stop eyeliner smudging and save your eye look from being ruined—check them out below: 

10 Tips On How To Make Eyeliner Last Longer

  • Cleanse Well: Wash your face well to remove any excess oil buildup on or around the eyelids. Excess oil buildup can cause your eyeliner to smear. If you think there is still some excess oil that needs to be removed, use a blotting paper to get rid of it. 
  • Prep Your Eyes: Just like you do for your base makeup, prep your eyes using an eyeshadow primer to prevent eyeliner smudging. This will help keep your eyeliner and eyeshadow intact for long hours. 
  • Eyeshadow Always First: When creating an extensive eye look, apply your eyeshadow first so that the powder can absorb excess oil, if any, on the lids. This will help create a dry base and prevent eyeliner smudging.  When using eyeshadow, it is best to first set your eyelids with powder to create a dry base for your eyeliner. 
  • Waterproof Eyeliner: A good, long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner will help you achieve absolutely any look. Apart from stopping eyeliner smudging, a long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner will not require touch-ups or fixing throughout the day. 
  • Get An Eyeliner That Suits Your Skin Type: Picking the right eyeliner for your skin type can make a bigger difference than you think. Choosing a kohl or creamy formulation eyeliner for someone with oily skin can seem like a recipe for constant smudging and smearing. The best eyeliner for oily lids is a quick-drying liquid or a felt-tip eyeliner. 
  • Curl Those Lashes: Before you go in with your eyeliner, always curl your lashes first! An eyelash curler can ruin a perfectly applied eyeliner in seconds. To avoid that, first curl your lashes and then apply your eyeliner to get the perfect look. 
  • Double Up: For longer days of being out and about, it is recommended to double the layer of product you use. This will help prevent eyeliner smudging and also make it last longer. Also, the double layer of eyeliner will help give a more darker and defined look. 
  • Powder Your Eyeliner: The simplest way to stop eyeliner smudging is powdering. Use a translucent setting powder to make eyeliner last longer. When doubling the layer of your eyeliner, make sure to powder it between layers for seamless re-application. 
  • Avoid the Waterline: While you can apply certain eyeliners, such as kohl, on your waterline, to prevent the eyeliner from smudging, it is best to steer clear from it. Applying eyeliner to your waterline may cause irritation for some and cause the eyeliner to smear. This could also ruin the rest of your eye makeup. 
  • Setting Spray: No makeup look, be it minimal or extravagant, is complete without spritzing some setting spray to keeplace. It is recommended to spray from a distance of six to eight inches in a cross-like motion. Do not open your eyes instantly after spraining; allow them a minute to dry completely to avoid any creasing or smearing. 

And there you have it! The easiest tricks in the book to prevent eyeliner smudging and make it last longer. Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s learn how to apply eyeliner the way celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni does it with her go-to Simply Nam The Ultimate Kajal in the shade Ink Black. 

(P.S. If you’re a hooded-eyed girl, then start taking notes, because this step-by-step tutorial will work wonders for you!) 

Step 1: Use the black kajal ink to etch a dot on the edge of the lashes, and pull that dot out into a line by lifting your brow bone. 

Step 2: Deposit colour very close to your lashes, starting from the inner corner and moving toward the outer.  

Step 3: Use the smudging end of The Ultimate Kajal to smooth out the line over your lashes. Move from the inner to the outer corner. This will help create a soft, beautiful line. 

Step 4: Take some product on the back of your end and use the smudging end of the kajal to create a long, extended liner. Pull your brow bone up again to create a slight winged eyeliner. 

Step 5: Take a cotton bud to clear up the edges and get a sleeker, smoother-looking eyeliner.

And just like that, you’ve got yourself a beautiful, smudge-proof eyeliner look with The Ultimate Kajal. What makes this product worth adding to your cart is that it ticks all the right boxes for an eyeliner. It’s sweat- and water-resistant, offers an intense colour payoff, and glides easily on the skin. And that’s not it; you can ditch those extra eye makeup tools because this kajal has a built-in sharpener and smudger to create effortless eye looks. From a smokey eye to a bold cat eye, ace it all with this one product. 

You’ve done your makeup and created the perfect eye look with a spot on winged eyeliner but it smudges. What do you do then? Here are two simple ways you can fix it: 

  • Use a cotton bud to clear up any mishaps with your eyeliner. 
  • Apply concealer over it using an angled brush.

From how to make eyeliner last longer to how to fix any mishaps in case of smearing to how to apply it, we’ve answered all your eyeliner-related questions. We hope you’ve noted it all down for the next time you plan to create a killer eye look! 


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