How to Create Fuller Lips With Makeup: Expert's Advice

How to Create Fuller Lips With Makeup: Expert's Advice

The bigger, the better! There, we said it. Thanks to all those pout-perfect celebrity selfies we keep seeing on the internet, having fuller lips has become a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If you think it’s impossible to get bigger lips without surgery, then think again, because your makeup kit has more potential than you know. Creating fuller lips with makeup is easier than you think it is; all you need is your favourite lipstick—we're not kidding!

For those who have enough time on hand, there’s always a 10-step routine to create fuller lips with makeup too. But for now, let’s dive into the simplest process of how to make your lips look bigger with makeup, the way celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni does it with her favourite Simply Nam Ultra Matte Lipstick

Step 1: 

Start from the centre of your bottom lip while slightly smiling to stretch out your lips. Coat the entire bottom lip with a layer of lipstick. 

Step 2: 

Get some more product on your brush to coat your top lip. Before you apply, make sure to remove any excess product from the tip of your brush to avoid getting extra product on your lip, which could result in smudging. 

Step 3: 

Pout your lips a little and create your cupid’s bow by pushing the brush outward on your top lip. This will help create a lip shape slightly bigger than your natural one. 

Step 4: 

Once that is done, join the bottom corners to your cupid’s bow with your lipstick. This helps give the illusion of a bigger top lip. Repeat the same process on the bottom lip. 

Step 5: 

Keep a cotton bud handy in case you get any excess product around the shape of your lips. Also, if there is any excess product on your lips, you can softly dab the cotton bud to remove it. 

Step 6: 

Next, go in with another shade of lipstick to give your lips a more poutier look. Apply it on the centre of your bottom lip, softly smack your lips, go around your cupid’s bow, and down the middle of your bottom lip again. Remove any excess product using a cotton bud, and gently dab it on your lips to make your lipstick look even. 

And there you have it — bigger, beautiful, pouty lips.

Note: This makeup tip is especially useful for those with thin lips 

Namrata Soni has used the shade Priyanka from the best-selling Simply Nam Ultra Matte Lipstick range. Check out her final lip look right here: .

While your lipstick may be the main character in creating fuller lips with makeup, there’s many more products that can work wonders too. Here’s 5 additional products to use to make your lips look bigger with makeup

  • Invest in a lip plumper gloss
  • Using a lip plumper gloss is one of the simplest ways to get bigger lips. The tingling feeling after using one results in making your lips look swollen and plump almost instantly. Although make sure to check for allergens or avoid using them all together if you have sensitive skin. 

  • Resort to lip contouring for fuller lips 
  • If you’ve tried contouring your face, then you know the wonders it can work in creating the illusion of a perfect shape. Try lip contouring for fuller lips on the bottom or top lip to make your pout pop. You don’t necessarily need a contour powder or stick; you can even use a darker shade of concealer to get the job done. 

  • Use a lip liner for fuller lips 
  • The underrated hero of making your lips look bigger with makeup is your trusty lip liner. Overlining your lips in the right way can help your lips look bigger and more plump. To get overlining right without overdoing it, start by lining your cupid’s bow and tracing a line close to your natural lip line. Fill it in with lipstick and you’ll have a fuller-looking pout in no time. 

  • Opt for a lip gloss for fuller lips 
  • Dewy, glossy-finish lip glosses are a total win-win for creating fuller lips with makeup. The sheen helps give the illusion of fuller, juicy lips. So if you’re shying away from glossing out loud, then don't, because that’s your easiest trick to getting poutier lips in just one step. 

  • Mix & match with two different-colored lipsticks 
  • Use two different shades of lipsticks for fuller lips. Use a darker one on the outer corners and a lighter one on the centre of your lips. 

    While creating fuller lips with makeup might sound easy, what also counts is lip care! Here’s a 2-step lip care plan for fuller lips that you must follow. 

    Step 1: Exfoliation 

    Yes, your lips need to be exfoliated too! With all the wear and tear they go through on a daily basis, there’s bound to be a layer of dead skin cells sitting on them that could ruin your lip look. Make a DIY lip scrub and exfoliate your lips once or twice a week. Although make sure not to over-exfoliate as it can damage the skin on your lips. 

    Step 2: Hydration 

    After you exfoliate, make sure to moisturise your pout with a hydrating lip balm. If required, apply a thick coat of lip balm to give it the extra nourishment your lips deserve. 

    Tip: Apart from post-exfoliation, keep a lip balm with you always to hydrate your lips every few hours because nobody likes the look and feel of cracked, dry lips, right? 

    Now that you know the basics of lip care for fuller lips and how to create fuller lips with makeup, all that’s left to do is put them to use the next time you’re headed out! 

    PS: If you’re looking for some new lipstick shades to try to create pouty lips, you can always check out Simply Nam’s range of lippies!

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